Body Confidence

Body Confidence

The only recent picture of myself that I actually like!

This is a bit of a different post for me and will be quite word heavy but, I feel my current body confidence is something I need to address as a way of being fully transparent and honest with you my wonderful readers.

Those who have followed me from the beginning will know that I have always struggled with my weight and I have always been on the larger side, Its in my genes I wasn’t born to be skinny. I come from a long line of bigger ladies and for the most part I have never been ashamed of how I look.

Since returning to blogging 6 months ago I have found myself putting off doing makeup looks, which was something I used to do quite regularly, I found myself making excuses like “I haven’t had my eyebrows done” or “My roots are too long” or “My eczema is too bad” and so on. It wasn’t until I really thought about it that actually my reasoning behind not doing the looks anymore was because I didn’t feel comfortable in my current skin. (more…)

Two Year Transformation!

I was speaking to the lovely Get Lippie and Lipglossiping on Twitter yesterday about where I have been and how when myself and Lipglossiping spoke last we were both losing weight.

The conversation made me want to show the world how I have gone from a nearly 20st brunette to a 14st4lbs red head.

January 2010

August 2010

June 2011

November 2011
January 2012 (dont look at the make-up i rub my eyes when I am drunk haha)

So, there you have it me over 2 years and even though the double chin still exists I feel so much better now 🙂