Project: My Sister The Star

image1 [420104]Hello Beauties

If you follow me on twitter you may already know about the ‘My Sister The Star’ project, however, here is a little more detail about the project.

Over the past month I have been thinking about my experience and how I could explain to any future children that they had a big sister who we loved but tragically lost. It is so important to me that Ella Rose is remembered and plays a big part in our future children’s lives.

I realised to explain this to a young child could cause confusion – and even fear – so I came across the idea of creating a children’s book which would gently explain the loss of an expected child and sibling. The book would approach the subject with sensitivity, with words and a narrative a young child would understand. Initially this was going to be a personal project for myself until a friend pointed out that my feelings would be felt by many others also.  I then decided to produce the book to share with the public. I hope this book will support other parents who want to explain to their children the painful loss of a family member through a stillbirth. (more…)