Winter Skincare Gift List - Facial Cleansing Brush, Cleanser, Moisturiser

With Christmas approaching fast I thought I would put together some fantastic winter skincare items that would be a welcome addition to any beauty lovers collection.

1. Panasonic 3-in-1 Micro-Foaming  facial cleansing brush  £149.99- I have been after an electronic facial cleansing brush for a while now as I find the manual face brushes don’t quite do the job. What I like about this brush in particular is the fact it has a smaller brush attachment to get to the pores and the skin around your nose, around my nose has always been my problem area. This brush also has a warming plate that you run over your face to aid with the removal of makeup which, sounds extremely interesting.

2. Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser from £15.50  – This is one of my holy grail products! I honestly get extremely unhappy when I have run out of this and don’t have a backup. I would say I have been using this product now for about 7 years following a PR package from the brand themselves. What I love about this product is that it not only cleanses your skin but it does add a degree of moisture too. This product is perfect for those of you with dry skin because of that extra moisture factor. I mostly use this with my facial cleansing brush removing any left over product with the muslin cloths. (more…)

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No15 Eau de Parfum

Today marks the release of Liz Earle’s second fragrance Botanical Essence No15!

Liz Earle describe this frgarance as “a fresh spicy oriental scent. This clean, sexy, and addictive fine fragrance is synonymous with feeling seductive and elegant.”

The lovely girls in the Liz Earle press office surprised me by popping a little sample of this fragrance in the post. I was excited because I wasn’t expecting any packages and immediately like a child on Christmas day opened it and spritzed myself.

The fragrance is pretty strong but not in a bad way I just over applied, the great thing about this fragrance is it lasts so well. You know what its like you spray your favourite scent and then you cant smell it an hour later well, this fragrance I could still smell the following morning and even when I applied less the next day I could still smell it today! That is a massive thumbs up for me and means that you will be using less product.

With the oriental feel to the fragrance and the warmness to the scent its the perfect fragrance for the Fall/Winter time.

As I said the fragrance goes on sale today on the Liz Earle website and is priced at £45 for 50mls