OCC Swatches from Temptalia

The amazing Temptalia has unveiled the new OCC Nail and Loose Colour Concentrate so take a wonder over to view The Garden Collection OCC’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.


New Illamasqua Site – Make Up Shopping Will Never Be The Same!

I took a strole over to the new Illamasqua site today to find a beautiful new Home page
The Home page is crisp and showcase’s the amazing artistry that is behind the brand!
As I delved further into the new site I came across their new feature Moving Swatch. The Moving Swatch feature is only available on the Lips and Pigment section but I hope it will be rolled out across the entire site.
The new feature shows a model putting on the lipstick or swatching the pigment onto their hands to give you a real life view of what the colour looks like.
This new function could quite possibly change the way we shop for cosmetics online because we will no longer need to travel to the store to check that the colour is what we are looking for as, its right in front of us.
Lets hope that other online beauty stores take note!

An Exciting Few Days!

Myself, my beautiful Sister Sarah and her Boyfriend Matt had a fantastic trip to London.

When the three of us are let loose together we are a nightmare! The day started with mucking around on the tube and taking random pictures of Matt!

We arrived at our hotel and had 3 hours to get ready and that’s just how long it took me. I must have used a whole can of V05 stronghold hairspray on my hair and it still ended up flat!! I was not impressed.

However I was in love with the make-up I chose to wear but I will go into that later.

We arrived at The o2 arena very excited and couldn’t wait for Miss Rihanna or RiRi as Matt likes to call her to grace us with her presence. The night started with Tiny Temper and apart from his song Passout I was rather bored. So bored that I started taking pictures of my make-up haha.

The pictures of my eye make-up did not really come out well due to our ever so crappy camera and the dark setting so I will do a remake of the look as it did look beautiful in person.

I was mortified when I looked at the pictures and saw some lovely little dark hairs regrowing on my brows and the little grey hairs regrowing on my head!

I used all yaby paints for the eye look because I know that once they are on they just don’t budge, some Miss Sporty waterproof mascara which I am not a fan of at all but had no choice as my Dior Show was left behind by accident.

I will do a complete look using the same colors over the next week so you can see the make-up in its full glory.

Back to Rihanna I cant say any more than that girl has a set of lungs on her she was fantastic and totally worth the trip. We had quite a good view and unlike other shows we have been to at the o2 she did have screens.
Our trip ended the following day with the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street we were a little late to see it so as we arrived Freddy appeared unexpectedly on the screen and I am shamed to say I did scream which made the whole room errupt with laughter!

The film itself IMO was brilliant they kept it mostly the same as the original with just an updated cast and I really enjoyed it. The SFX were also brilliant and so far advanced from the original as you can imagine.

So that’s my waffle for today I hope I didn’t bore you to much 🙂


Prom Style Look

Introducing my Little Sister! 
She lovingly allowed me to display her mug on my blog for this Prom Style Look 🙂
Prom Style Look
Prom Style Look
Prom Style Look
Prom Style Look


Smashbox Jet Set Liner in Midnight Black
Smashbox  Duo Eyeshadow Golden/Eggplant Golden used
MAC Black Tied
Smashbox Brow Tech in Brown
Smashbox Primer
Loreal Foundation 021 Rosy Ivory
Rimmel Ivory Concealer
Smashbox Fusion Lights on cheeks

Mac color unknown as shade is now discontinued.

This look was created back when I was training in 2007 I will do an up to date version using current products soon x

Prom Style Look

Behind the scenes: St Barnabas Charity Calendar

Behind the scenes: St Barnabas Charity Calendar