An Interview With…. Beauty Blogger and YouTuber Geri Maree

Blogger Geri Maree

Name:  Geri Maree

Where are you from? Sydney Australia

Tell us about your blog? My blog is all of my favourite Fashion Looks & Beauty Items that i love

What’s your day job? Im studying at the moment Business Admin

Who is your current beauty or style icon? Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars (more…)

An Interview With…. Ali and Her

AminaAli [1442082]Name: Amina Ali

Where are you from? Birmingham, UK

Tell us about your blog?  My blog is about ‘Makeup, Motherhood and much more!’ It’s somewhere for me to talk about what makeup or beauty products I’m loving or give any beauty tips I can. It also allows me to talk about any parenting issues or emotions I am facing!

Whats your day job? I work part time as a primary school teacher and also freelance as a make up artist doing make up for any occasion.  (more…)

An Interview With…. Steph’s Vanity View

Our next blogger interview is with the lovely Stephanie from Steph’s Vanity View, our very first International blogger 🙂

Steph's Vanity View Name:  Stephanie Kelly  AKA Steph’s Vanity View

Where are you from? Philadelphia

Tell us about your blog? Beauty blog with mostly makeup tips, tricks & tutorials. A lot of products I use are cruelty free.

What’s your day job? Online advertising (more…)

An Interview with…. AnnaLouiseLoves

Our next blogger interview is with the lovely Anna from AnnaLouiseLoves



Name:  Anna Slater

Where are you from? I am from Washington Tyne and Wear which is between two big cities Newcastle and Sunderland.

Tell us about your blog? My blog is called Anna Louise Loves. I set up my blog in October this year after many friends encouraged me to tell the world about my wardrobe and beauty items I love to buy and use. Myfriends/family/colleagues are always asking me where I get items and wanting to borrow clothing and beauty products so, I thought fingers crossed others will be interested too. In my spare time I spend a lot of my time with my partner and friends exploring the country and of course eating out so, my blog has a little lifestyle and food in there too. (more…)

An Interview with…. Little Painted Lady

So, I decided I wanted to give back to my fellow bloggers and run a fortnightly interview series. I hope that you enjoy the series and find some amazing new blogs to read.

Our first Interview is with the lovely Sharon AKA Little Painted Lady

Little Painted LadyName:  Sharon

Where are you from? I am from Northern Ireland, Derry

Tell us about your blog? My blog is called Little Painted Lady, I started it just over 5 months ago , I wish that I would have started it when I was a bit younger as i have become so hooked,I blog about beauty/lifestyle/crafts and more. I often get asked why I chose that name for my blog, The painted lady part is the name of a butterfly, which I am absolutely obsessed with. The Little part just describes me as i am only 4 ft 11.

What’s your day job?  I am a very busy mum of 4 , but between that I am a domestic cleaner. (so exciting haha) (more…)