Birthday Merch Haul

My Godbrother, Sister and her Boyfriend Matt brought me two shirts from Sideshow Familia, My tattooist Mike’s Clothing Line and then I treated myself to a very rude vest when I went to see The Used on Saturday. If you are easily offended please dont look at the final image.
Familia Shirt – Excuse the unironed shirt!
 The Familia Shirt can be purchased as a standard Tee £20 like the one above or a vest £15 and they come in both black and white.
The Amazing Bettie Vest – I spy Make-up on the neck naughty me!
Bettie in more detail
 Like the Familia Shirt the Bettie vest come in both black and white and is available as a standard Tee as well. Tee £20 Vest £15
The Used Shirt

The Used Don’t Give a F*ck about Sh*t can be purchased on their UK tour dates for £20 or at their store for $29.99

My Style and Fashion Influences

Even though I have a huge love for Cosmetics I am a tom boy at heart and until just recently didn’t own a dress or heels.
Most of my time is spent in Band T-shirts, Skinny Jeans, Biker Boots, Converse, Vans and a Leather or Denim Jacket.
My style is very much influenced by the type of music I listen too for example My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars. At my last count I owned 25 band T-shirts I also have a stripe obsession, If I see a striped top I have to buy it.
I love the style of Lyn-z from Mindless Self Indulgence, Hayley Williams, Kate Moss, Gwen Steffani, Jared Leto, Frank Iero and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. You could say that my style is fairly rocky but I am now beginning to get a little bit more girly.
Some of my favourite items living in my amazing wardrobe:
The most amazing Skinny Jeans Ever!
Skeleton Crew I am a Monster Shirt
Sold out So Fabulous Biker Boots
Sold out Biker Jacket from Littlewoods
Tour T-shirt now sold out
Limited Edition Party Poison by Gerard Way with Mass Canvas for The Make A Wish Foundation
30 Seconds to Mars YES THIS IS A CULT Wristband
And this little beauty is my 30th Birthday Dress 🙂
Gone but never forgotten
I miss my Limited Edition Vans off The Wall 🙁 These babies went to heaven a few years back. They were the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned and lasted a good 3 years before they fell apart and for £60.00 that’s great value!
I miss my short UGG Boots these babies got stolen at a festival last year and I just cant quite afford to replace them. Even though they have a £170 price tag they last years. I saw another brand of boots called Whooga which are currently priced at £85 but as the 30th and a birthday party looms ever closer I can’t warrant these amazing boots so, they will stay on my wish list.
Now that I am officially a size 18 I have over the last 6 months purchased 5 dresses and one pair of heels so, I am looking forward to a summer filled with lots of little summer dresses providing I can find some I like.
So there you have it a little look into my fashion, I will start to try and post outfits that I wear from time to time and items I am in love with which I hope you all enjoy 🙂
Ems xo