MYKITCO Electro Brush Set | Review

MYKITCO Electro Brush Set

In the January sales I decided to treat myself to a load of new makeup and tools, not that I need anymore, the MYKITCO Electro brush set was one of my purchases and in this post I will give you the full rundown.

I have used MYKITCO brushes in my kit for a little while along with their magnetic palettes so, I was already very familiar with the brand and their products. I originally purchased the Electro brush set as a birthday gift for a friend as I knew she would love the iridescent coloring to the ferrule, I was right! When the set was part of the sale in January I decided to treat myself to add to my personal brush kit that I use just for myself and let’s be honest they are bloody pretty.

The brushes themselves as you would expect are super soft which can’t always be guaranteed when using synthetic brushes yet these brushes have zero scratching just as I have become to expect from this brand.

The set comes with a contour, powder, fluffy, brow, fan and spoolie brush, all of the brushes are all travel sized and come in an Electric pink brush case which has a wipe clean protective cover for your brushes. I have only washed the set once at the time of writing this post and haven’t noticed any shedding or misshapen drying.

MYKITCO Electro Brush Set 2

My only gripe with this set is that there is no flat head shader brush other than that its a brilliant little travel set.

This product is in the process of being discontinued so, its available on MYKITCO’s website for £10.00 which is a 60% saving on the full price so, if you want the Electro Brush Set snap it up before it is gone forever.

Have you tried any of MYKITCO’s products? Is there anything I need in my life?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be back with another next week.



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