Vaping Kit Review: Tesla Nano 60w, Aspire Nautilus Tank and Element E-Liquid | Plus Giveaway

I had been looking into vape machines for a while as the next step up from the standard e-cigarette so, when the team over at e-cigarette direct offered to send me out some of the products they stock to try out I said yes. I was able to put together the elements of the kit including the base unit, tank and 4 different flavoured liquids.

In this post I will be reviewing the base unit, tank and Element liquid as I have not had the opportunity to review the other liquids yet so, there will be a subsequent post once I have managed to try them. There is also a Giveaway at the bottom of the post where you could win £100 to spend at e-cigarette direct to get you started out or if you are like Pete add to your collection.

Tesla Nano 60w base unit – £44.99

The Nano is a great introduction piece to vaping especially as you have the option to control temperature and wattage meaning that it’s not to harsh if you are doing direct to lung vaping (direct to lung is where you inhale as you would when you smoke). It has an easy to read screen which tells you the temp and wattage that you are vaping at, I have mine set as follows: Temp – 5.8 and Wattage – 20.00W.

The Nano has a built-in battery with a USB charger, full charge takes about two hours tops, the downside is that you are unable to use the kit during charge unlike other base units or units that take rechargeable batteries.

The unit itself is compact, not too weighty, sleek and stylish especially in the matte black finish that I opted for.

Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Clearomiser – £19.99

This tank caters for everyone from beginner to experienced and its suitable for standard vapers and cloud chasers alike (cloud chasers are people who are more interested in the amount of smoke/cloud they can produce when vaping).

The tank comes with two drip tips, the thin one pictured, which is more suitable for those that want more flavor and a wider one, which is more suitable for those wanting to create clouds. I chose to use the thinner drip tip as I wanted more of a flavor to my vape.

The tank holds 2.5ml of liquid and the kit comes with two coils, one that is already installed and a spare.

Element Dripper E-liquid Pink Lemonade 20ml – £9.99

When it came to picking my liquids I asked Pete for his input as he has been vaping for quite a while now and he recommended I try at least one from the Element range.

The pink lemonade liquid tastes exactly like the drink which I was pleasantly surprised about as I have had liquids for my e-cig in the past that taste nothing like they should. Teaming this particular liquid with the tank I picked makes the perfect partnership as the taste you get is perfect.

They do 3 different levels of liquid the 0.00%, which has no nicotine, 0.03% and 0.06%, I opted for the 0.03% with a view to coming down to the 0.00% once I am used to vaping full-time.

I do have one negative and that is down to the packaging of the products when being sent out, the liquids need more attention because in my case one of the liquids had leaked.

Overall I am very impressed with the setup I chose and I would revisit e-cigarette direct again to try some of their other products.

Here is your chance to win £100 worth of vaping gear from e-cigarette direct:

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  1. Maj Hazzard 21st January 2017 / 10:40 AM

    Great review.. thanks

  2. Keeley Atkinson 10th February 2017 / 3:09 AM

    Great post! I’m using my Arc 3 at the moment which I love, but always like to try out others. The Nano looks awesome, and the Nautilus Mini has been on my “to buy” list for a while.

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