Review: Shoreditch Vape Pen and E-Liquid Review

Shoreditch Vape Pen E-Liquid ReviewAbout a month ago the guys over at Shoreditch reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying their vape pen along with 3 different e-liquids. This opportunity was something I was really excited about as myself and Pete would really like to give up smoking so, that we can start trying for another bubba when the time is right.

I was given the opportunity to pick which pen I wanted, they offer two different styles both £19.99, I chose Shoreditch Two as it looked very sleek and smart. The kit contains the vape pen, micro usb charging lead, spare coil, instructions and signed and dated quality control card.

Shoreditch Vape Pen E-Liquid Review

I then picked my three e-liquid flavours which were Menthol Blend (18mg), as I usually smoke menthol cigarettes, Iced Strawberry(6mg) and Bubblegum(6mg). The e-liquid flavours come in a total of 21 different flavours and 3 different strengths, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, costing £3.33 each.

So what did we think?

Well, we are very impressed I have been testing the pen and the e-liquids and Pete just the e-liquids in a different vape pen. I started with the Menthol Blend but, as this was the strongest one I found it a little too harsh for me however, that said it’s the best flavoured menthol e-liquid I have tried as it doesn’t taste like manky toothpaste. I favoured the Bubblegum it’s just the right strength, tastes delicious and because it’s so yummy I found myself reaching for that rather than a real cigarette!Shoreditch Vape Pen E-Liquid Review

As for the vape pen itself, its of a high quality and certainly does look sleek and stylish. The pen is fully charged within an hour and its easy to fill and change the coil when you need too.

Now, I am sure you can see from the image above only two bottles are pictured and this is because Pete ran away with the Iced Strawberry and wont give it back! Even though he’s run off with Iced Strawberry like me his favourite is also Bubblegum. Pete has said that once the flavours has run out he wants to order more and try some of the different flavours on offer.

We absolutely love this brand and their products and if it can help myself and Pete kick the nasty habit altogether we will love them even more.

So, If you want to try giving up and have tried some of the other horrible e-liquids on the market don’t be discouraged because this brand really does have you covered and from what I can tell they would rather focus on quality of their flavours over quantity!

Until next time I hope you have enjoyed this post and If you have tried the brand before I would love to hear what you thought in the comment.




  1. Tovah 27th March 2016 / 6:13 PM

    If I could quit (almost 2 packs a day), anyone can quit. I know that you hear that a lot, however, it’s just a 1 day at a time. My husband and I quit together after he had a stroke. I considered smoking just outside, but I pictured myself constantly looking for excuses to get outside.

    There’s always the time that is perfect and maybe that time for you is now??!!

    All my best

    • promakeupblog
      28th March 2016 / 6:15 PM

      as you said 1 day at a time, I have certainly cut down as I am now back at work in the mornings and with vaping its really helping :). You always leave such lovely comments thank you sweetie xx

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