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If you follow me on twitter you may already know about the ‘My Sister The Star’ project, however, here is a little more detail about the project.

Over the past month I have been thinking about my experience and how I could explain to any future children that they had a big sister who we loved but tragically lost. It is so important to me that Ella Rose is remembered and plays a big part in our future children’s lives.

I realised to explain this to a young child could cause confusion – and even fear – so I came across the idea of creating a children’s book which would gently explain the loss of an expected child and sibling. The book would approach the subject with sensitivity, with words and a narrative a young child would understand. Initially this was going to be a personal project for myself until a friend pointed out that my feelings would be felt by many others also.  I then decided to produce the book to share with the public. I hope this book will support other parents who want to explain to their children the painful loss of a family member through a stillbirth.

There will be two versions of the story, one for a brother and one for a sister with the option to add the sleeping child’s name into the narrative.

The book itself will ease a great anxiety for parents and will be a very sensitive and caring way to introduce their child to their sleeping sibling. The illustrated book will be something the child will enjoy picking up and reading and, as they get older, will encourage natural conversations about their sibling.

The story has been written and Claire Williams,  an amazing illustrator and past journalist is on board, all we need now is the funds to produce the book.

Proceeds from the book:

The majority of the funds made from the book will be given to Stillbirth Charities with one being The Willow Room at Princess Royal Hospital.


No contribution is too small and if you cant contribute just sharing this across social media will help our project succeed.

If you would like to donate you can do so here

If you are not able to donate we totally understand but, would love it if you could share it for us over social media to help us reach the target and get the book produced.

I would also like to take this time to say a massive thank you to everyone that donated to Ella’s fund your generosity was amazing.




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