The Beauty Playground Event by NBPR

London near Christmas is so Pretty

Last week I was invited to NBPR’s Beauty Playground event which gives Beauty Bloggers and other people in the Beauty industry to have a little preview of new products from Lee Stafford, Myface Cosmetics, Lulu’s Timebomb, Colour Xtreme, Skin Art and Nail Art.

The makeup I was wearing

Unfortunately I had the day from hell and arrived in London with no camera, hardly any phone charger and hardly any ipod battery, which meant that I didn’t get you guys many pictures which I am sorry about.

NBPR arranged for a car to collect me from Victoria which was great as I don’t know my way around London too well. I was one of the first to arrive which was great as it meant I could have a real good chat with some of the girls in a one on one capacity rather than with a group.

I was shown the new Lee Stafford Electrical collection and I must say he has created some really great tools especially the Long Tong which will make curling longer hair an awful lot easier and quicker. I must admit I didn’t spend much time looking at the Lee Stafford products because I already use and know a fair bit about them and I wanted to give my attention to the things I knew less about.

The Lee Stafford Collection

My next stop was the Skin Art and Nail art section where one of the lovely girls applied some glitter tattoos whilst I had a great chat with Amy (one of the PR Girls and Makeup Artist) about some of her work, Amy did the Makeup on the Promo Images for Skin Art and Nail Art and one image in particular just screamed recreate me. Amy is going to be sending me the image with a list of products used so that I can attempt to recreate for you guys which is very exciting.

I then moved on to Lulu’s Timebomb which I had never heard of, Its a line of Skin Care and Hair Care created by Lulu. I had the chance to have some of the new Miracle Glo applied to my skin, Miracle Glo is the first cosmetic in the line which works as a Highlighter and can be applied before or after makeup. I am very excited about this line which focuses on Anti Ageing, Its great that a funky new line has been created for us girls that are starting to get our first wrinkles.

Lulu’s Timebomb Collection

I continued on to my new love Myface Cosmetics to have a little look at the new Italian Ice Eyeshadow Duo’s and the Slinky Liquid Liners. I also got the chance to have a play with some of the other Blingtone Shadows in different shades which are so beautiful. The lovely girl that was showing me the new products (memory fails me on her name as I am getting old!) is going to be sending me some other goodies from the line to check out which is rather exciting as I really do like this brand.

The Myface Cosmetics Collection

Finally I was taken through to the plush bathroom to have my hair done. The Lovely hairdresser used Lee Stafford’s My Long Tong to create some loose curls then, to give my hair volume he added some of Lee Stafford’s Dry Shampoo and back combed my hair before setting it all in place with Hold Tight Hairspray. My hair looked so lovely and I will be investing in the Long Tong sometime soon as it was super easy to use and the loose curl looked so lovely.

After I had had my hair done I made my way back to the main room to say my goodbyes when I was given a huge goody bag of things to try and review so, expect a full review of all of these products over the coming weeks.

What I found in my goody bag

Have you tried any of the brands I got to see if so what have your experiences been?

Ems xo



  1. GlamorousMama 27th November 2012 / 6:19 PM

    How fun!! I don't think i have seen any of these!


  2. Emma Groves Mua 29th November 2012 / 11:57 AM

    It was a great night! I know for sure Myface cosmetics sell in the states not so sure about the others, I will find out though and when i post the reviews i will add international stores that stock the products 🙂 xoxo

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