OCC Holiday 2012 Collection

OCC’s first Holiday Collection is now available worldwide and I have to say to say the new products look completely amazing, how can they not be when liptar and metallic have been put together in one little tube?

OCC had the following to say about The Metallurgy Collection ‘After three years of intensive product
development, OCC is proud to introduce a whole new breed of Lip Tar. Infused with state of the art hi-resolution metallic pigments, the unparallelled opacity has gone high-voltage electric with a reflective shimmer finish.’
And apparently you need even less that the original lip tar!!!
Here’s a look at the new colours

Electric Grandma


Super NSFW

You can purchase the new liptars now on OCC’s website for $16.00 or if you are Europe based you can pre-order the new shades at Love Makeup for £8.00.

Let me know your thoughts on the new collection.

Ems xo

All Images are from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  (photo credit: David Phelps Photographer)

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