Ghost The Musical Courtesy of Nazila Nail Glitz and Amazing PR

I was lucky enough to win a Beauty Blogger Competition last week, to go with a friend to see Ghost The Musical courtesy of Nazila LoveGlamour and Amazing PR.
Ruby Rockets Make-up and My Holly Willoughby dress
I ventured to London on Friday to meet up with one of my Best Friends Jenny. For review purposes it should be pointed out that Jenny’s worst nightmare are musicals, I however didn’t find this out until I met up with her.
I arrived into London late so missed out on the pre show manicure that Nazila’s team were doing, instead Jen and I enjoyed our Godminster Aromatic Champagne Cocktail and chatted to some of the lovely Amazing PR staff and Nazila herself.
Myself and Jen were given goody bags, mine containing a set of the Nazila nails to play with as I missed out on the Manicure.
We took our seats and I have to give all props to the team, because I was not expecting front row royal circle seats and that’s just what we got, in my opinion these were the best seats in the house. The curtain rose, the tissues were at the ready after being advised by the lovely barmaid that we would need them, to which Jen and I laughed.
The musical proceeded and was kept very close to the film to my delight, obviously some little bits had to be changed to be able to show it on stage. The songs were amazing I think there was only one I disliked and that was Life Turns On A Dime but apart from that the songwriting was amazing. The set itself was unlike any musical I have seen, its a visual masterpiece made up of video walls which are used to create the ever changing set, it really has to be seen to be believed.
View from the stage
I will admit that I blubbed at one point during the song With You, my whole body shook as I tried to contain the sobs. The girl that plays Molly, is amazing at drawing you in and making you believe that this is really happening to her and that her grief for Sam is real. As for Oda Mae Brown, well all I can say is the current lady playing her is perfect, the lungs on her are unbelievable and she actually got more applause than the lead couple.
Once the musical had finished all of the competition winners and their guests were led downstairs and onto the stage, where we were joined by Molly and Sam for a group photo opportunity. Jen and I didn’t get a chance to speak to the pair as a lot of people proceeded to go over and chat to them. However, upon leaving the girl that plays Molly proceeded to thank Jen and I and compliment me on my tattoo and outfit which was very sweet of her.
Onstage with Jen
Jen and I left and discussed the show on the way to the tube and Jen the Musical hater described how much she loved it and how much she cried, so even a Musical hater can be turned around by this one. Overall, an absolutely amazing event to be a part of. I would go and watch this musical again in a heartbeat, its so very well thought out and has you gripped from the minute the curtain goes up.
I will be doing a NOTD using the Nazila Nail Glitz 3D Nails later in the week so keep your eyes open for that.
You can purchase Nazila LoveGlamour Nail Glitz packs here from £9.99
Have you seen the musical or tried out the nails? if so what did you think?
Ems xo
Inside the Goody Bag



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