Where did I train

So I get asked all the time where I trained so I thought I would share.
I was very lucky that The Princes Trust paid for me to do a home course through ICS. The ICS course was a great starting point and unlike alot of the private schools you do actually get a qualification at the end.
The downside is that you are training yourself and unless you already have some creative flair this may just be a waste of money.
At the time the course cost £500.00 which I completed within 8 months whilst working full time. Once I had finished the course I did some assisting and watched alot of videos by Sam and Nicola Chapman and the artists at Smashbox.

I am now working full time in the Industry aswell as running The Make-up Artist Boutique with my mum Kathy. I do not for one moment think I am at the top of my game as the art of Make-up evolves every day and I do plan on doing further course’s to ensure I evolve with it.

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