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Redken Extreme Haircare

A little while ago the lovely folks over at Rush Shop sent me a sample of Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner to try.

As you all know I haven’t had a natural hair colour for years and to get the shade I have my hair goes through an awful lot, especially when I do it myself . To give you a brief overview of my hair at the point of trying this it was very dry on the ends, imagine barbie hair from the 80’s if you’re not as old as me think horse hair and you are there. (more…)

Bleach London Super Cool Colours Violet Skies

Hey Lovelies,

I got a little bored with the red hair so, I decided to go back blonde but as I was doing it myself and had long roots with only a light wash of bleach on them I decided to temporarily go purple while my hair relaxes from the bleach. Last time I lightened my hair i did it all so quickly and ended up with broken hair so, I wasn’t going to repeat that mistake.

Anyway back to the dye, I had always wanted to try Parma Violets when I was blonde before but, it was always sold out and then it was recalled 🙁 I have no idea why it was recalled as it was a beautiful colour with lots of different colour shades in it.

I opted for Violet Skies which I am assuming is the replacement of Parma Violets the shade in the bottle looks like a very dark purple but, don’t be scared off this is not how it comes out.

Review – Tints of Nature Organic Hair Dye


Hey Lovelies,

Back at the beginning of March the lovely ladies at Tints of Nature sent some dye for my Mum to use and review for this blog. Normally I would review all products but seeing as I have bright red hair this product wouldn’t have been suitable for me but, it was such an exciting product that I didn’t want you to miss out on hearing about it.

Tints of Nature are Organic Hair Dyes suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians better still they are a UK brand and all of their products are made here. As the products are made used natural products you are less likely to get a stained scalp, have an allergic reaction and breath in those horrible peroxide smells.

When you first get the product it looks like any other dye until you start applying it, instead of it smelling like awful peroxide it actually smells a lot like whiskey and orange juice. Mum has used lots of different branded dyes from top brands such as Garnier to Superdrug own branded dyes so she knows what she likes.

We used a mix of  8C Ash Blonde* to mix with 8N Natural Light Blonde* (N shades are always advisable mixed with the fashion colours for grey hair to ensure maximum grey coverage/best colour outcome) and left it on for 30 mins. Once the dye had been washed out it was clear to see there were no stains on the skin and the dye had taken all over even on the stubborn dark grey at the back of mums head. (more…)

Getting The Roots Did

I am taking a day off today from replying to emails and playing with Make-up to go and have the wonderful Ruby Jones, Best Friend and Hairdresser Extraordinaire, do my dark/grey nasty roots 🙂
I am currently testing out some amazing products which will be reviewed next week and I am excitedly waiting for my Harrods GlossyBox!
Normal blogging service will more than likely resume later today because I just cant stay away but until them I will leave you with the picture below so you can get an idea of the state I will look later:
Me, Ruby and George (
Have a great day all 
Ems xo