Exciting News…

Hey Dolls,

Yes that’s right I’m pregnant, 13 weeks to be exact. So, I obviously don’t need to explain why I’ve been missing.

I’ve been quite poorly and lost interest in everything including the blog. I know i say it all the time but, now that I’m feeling better I hope to be back blogging more regularly as I have a ridiculous amount of products to review.

I hope you’ll continue to pop by my little blog and enjoy the content.

I love you all


Sad News…

Hello Lovelies,

For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter its with a heavy heart I tell you all that on 14th June 2014 I lost my little one.

Its been a tough month and I am still in the grieving process hence the lack of blogging.

Anyone that has suffered a miscarriage will know just how painful it is especially when I was 1 week away from my 3 month scan.

The doctors have said that there was no particular reason for the loss I was just very unlucky.

For those of you that were aware and have passed on your lovely messages I thank you for your kind words and support.

Normal service shall resume shortly as I have some posts in the works along with my IMATS haul.

Long Time No See….

Well Hello There…

Its been a very long time (slaps wrist) and I am so sorry! I have been totally wrapped up in my new job and new man and just didn’t have a spare moment to blog. I would sit down get the blog up and just had no inspiration, fellow bloggers will understand that when the inspiration is lost its very hard to be creative.

Well, I am pleased to say that my creative juices have been flowing and that’s mainly thanks to the lovely Sue from Love Makeup allowing me help her at this years UMAexpo. Low and behold seeing lots of creative people and of course the makeup I started to miss being so creative and all things that comes along with being a Makeup artist.

So, whats been happening I hear you cry well….

The New Job 

I have been at the new job for 9 months now and its amazing but, extremely intense. It has been great being back in the big wide world of work but, it has come with its struggles the main one being my stupid back. Taking my back out of the equation I no longer have to look at 4 walls and fight the government to acknowledge I have a disability which is such a huge weight off of my mind.

The New Man

Funny story after years of being on dating sites and going on failed dates I met him at Jury Service! Noooo he was not the one on trial haha. We have been together about 4 months now and had a few ups and downs mostly involving crazy ex’s and people interfering but, things are getting back on track and its nice to finally be happy.
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New Job

So for those of you that follow me on Twitter you will know that I got a new job which I start today 🙂 

I wanted to make you aware as there may be a slight hiatus whilst I get myself into a routine of work and blogging. I have some posts on their way Tuesday as I need to finish the Moxie Lips review, plus my IMATS post is long over due and I also have some other items to write up reviews on.

Please Please bare with me at the moment I promise I will find a happy medium 🙂

Love you all

Off Topic: Boys!

The Husband and I (Don’t you love his crown?)

This last week has seen skeletons come out of the closet and huge regrets form!

I have a friend who I liked from a far for a while and when he was briefly single last year it became apparent he liked me too however, at the time I was firmly hung up on Mr Thomas and he was still pretty hung up on his ex so, nothing happened.

We both went about our lives he got back with his ex and I focused more on Tom to try and bury what feelings I had for this guy and didn’t speak to him for a few months to make it easier on myself. It transpires after a drunken conversation (him being the drunk one) that in his words: “I would happily been yours” I responded saying he would have always gone back to his ex and that he would never have been mine and he responded with “No I wouldn’t have had I not thought Tom would own you quite so much” 🙁
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