OCC The Garden Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 – Liptars

As you all saw from my previous blog post OCC are gearing up for the release of their anticipated 2012 Spring/Summer Collection – OCC The Garden Collection launching on March 16th, 2012!
The lovely people over at OCC have provided me with the new Liptar information and I must say they do look completely scrummy. OCC describe this collection as “This Collection is inspired by Psychotropic and poisonous plants. These shades are meant to be paired with a dizzying flash of color on the eyes”
So, without any further ado I give you the new Liptars from The Garden Collection priced at $14.00 and available from 16th March 2012:
OCC The Garden Collection
OCC The Garden Collection
LIP TAR: ($14.00 USD)

BABY WOODROSE – True Rose Pink

BELLADONNA – Vivid Ultraviolet

CHLOROPHYLL – True Teal (match for Chlorophyll Nail Lacquer)

KAVA KAVA – True Peach Neutral

OPHELIA – Pink-Tinged Lavender

PENNYROYAL – Tea Leaf Brown  

New Illamasqua Site – Make Up Shopping Will Never Be The Same!

I took a strole over to the new Illamasqua site today to find a beautiful new Home page
The Home page is crisp and showcase’s the amazing artistry that is behind the brand!
As I delved further into the new site I came across their new feature Moving Swatch. The Moving Swatch feature is only available on the Lips and Pigment section but I hope it will be rolled out across the entire site.
The new feature shows a model putting on the lipstick or swatching the pigment onto their hands to give you a real life view of what the colour looks like.
This new function could quite possibly change the way we shop for cosmetics online because we will no longer need to travel to the store to check that the colour is what we are looking for as, its right in front of us.
Lets hope that other online beauty stores take note!